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Completely built around your specific level of knowledge, your needs and goals. We will plan ahead together your unique mentorship.

multi level

No matter your initial skill's level, I will guide you step-by-step through your unique learning path and I'll be sure you will reach and exceed your expected skill-set level.

job-ready skills

Following this mentorship you will explore all the professional workflow used in the best VFX company, and that will guide you through the creation of stunning CGI.

discord server

You will have access to a VIP private channel on the Pixel Mentor Discord server. There you will find highly-skilled professional and also other students like you.


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Are you a fresher from school or just a VFX enthusiast, struggling to find your path and your chance to enter in the VFX industry from the main door and you need help to find your right path?


Or are you a Junior/Mid Artist, having issues understanding how all the departments works together and how you can improve your skills to boost the quality of your deliveries, become a better professional, and speed up your career in the industry?


who's your mentor

Cristian Spagnuolo

Seasoned CG and VFX Supervisor | 20 Years of Transforming Imagination into Reality.
Trainer, Mentor & Content Creator.

As a seasoned CG and VFX Supervisor and former 3D Generalist, with nearly two decades of hands-on experience in the dynamic world of CGI and VFX, I have successfully navigated diverse landscapes, from commercials and advertising to movies, TV series, and animation.
My journey has honed both my artistic finesse and technical prowess, allowing me to create visually captivating experiences while maintaining meticulous attention to detail.

What sets me apart is my unwavering passion for staying on the cutting edge of industry innovation.
As a dedicated beta tester for pivotal software solutions, I eagerly embrace emerging tools, technologies, and methodologies.
My primary focus revolves around sculpting innovative and optimized workflows that seamlessly integrate into pipeline architecture, enhancing VFX work efficiency and elevating the final product quality.

We must learn to walk, before we can run

I have worked in some of the best companies

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could BE...

1. Intro & Fundamentals

  • Intro to VFX Pipeline and CG Foundations
  • Intro to Maya
  • Scene organization/optimization
  • Principles of modelling and importance of using references
  • OpenColorIO (ACEScg & Linear workflow)
  • OnSet Data Capture: HDRI, Ref Ball/Chart and Lidar
  • Intro to PBR workflow
  • Intro to lighting and shading and how to create a full turntable scene

2. Retopo/Modelling/UV

  • AutoRetopo Vs Manual Retopo
  • Modelling: Best practice and Tips & Trick
  • Marvelous Designer: how to use it at its best
  • ZBrush: How to optimize your worflow
  • Uvs: Maya vs UV Layout

3. Texture and Lookdev

  • Intro to Substance Painter
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Best practice for a procedural approach
  • Material vs Smart Material
  • Maps, Masks and Generators

4. Lookdev & Lighting in Maya & Arnold

  • Intro to Arnold Render
  • Hypershade vs Node Editor
  • Procedural Shading approach in maya
  • Advanced shading network
  • Lighting fundamentals in Maya
  • Rendering and scene optimization
  • Render Layer and turntable preparation
  • Standard and custom AOVs
  • Final render

5. Finalizing your project

  • Intro to Nuke and its node-based approach
  • Setup a base comp for your asset
  • Create your own comp “template”
  • Use the AOVs to improve and “fix” your asset
  • Refine and push your asset to the next level
  • Render out your comp
  • How to present your job
hours per session

Every live session usually last 4 hour, divided in technical and practical parts.
In this way you can practice, right away, the topics I just explained.


During the duration of the course you’ll have all the the time to absorb the knowledge and put it into practice on the weekly assignment. We will have regular review of the work done to be sure you’re absorbing properly all the notion needed.

hours total

At the end of the mentorship I will be available for 2 extra sessions (2 hrs each) for final reviews of your projects and your professional reel.


freequently asked questions

All the mentorship are unique, cause are completely tailor-made around your starting knowledge, your very specific needs and your goals.
Following this mentorship you will explore a professional workflow that will guide you through the steps of creating stunning CGI (photo-real or stylized).

Just to name a few:

  1. RAW data conversion (CAD, scan, very complex model)
  2. Modeling
  3. Re-topology
  4. Cloth modeling with Marvelous Designer
  5. ZBrush optimized workflow
  6. Shading & Lighting fundamentals
  7. PBR Texturing & Lookdev in Substance Painter
  8. OnSet Data Capture and custom HDRI creation
  9. Lookdev in Maya & Arnold
  10. Compositing and grading in Nuke


…and much much more!!!

The one you see here is just an example; all the 1 to 1 mentorship are FULLY TAILORED around your specific starting knowledge, your needs and goals.
You can choose any topics you want to focus on and the duration of the mentorship.
Following this mentorship you will explore a professional workflow that will guide you through the steps of creating stunning CGI (photo-real or stylized).

Since every mentorship is fully personalized there’s no fixed price.
Do not hesitate to book a free call with me so we can discuss about your specific needs: